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After Care Suitland MD Maryland child care
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Our Affordable
Summer Camp 2015

Adventure and Imagination await your child at Little Stars Summer Camp. We provide a variety of exciting activities starting from 2-12 years of age.

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Evening / Weekend

Our program was created to help our parents stop rushing to pick up the kids by 6pm. If you need extra time or a weekend safe place for your children, enroll them in our night program.

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We are more than just a daycare..

Little Stars CDC works hard to be more than just daycare. We welcome infants to 12 year old children. Please stop by and meet our highly trained teachers, who willl nurture your child to reach the dreams for all superstars.

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After Care Suitland MD Maryland child care

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Discover the Little Star's Difference.
We wish to help develop the SUPERSTAR in every child. Please come meet us today.

Pre-Kindergarten Program
(4 and 5 years Old)
Little Stars Child Development Center

Affordable daycare for your child. Learn more about our evening, night & weekend program.


Social and Emotional Development

Children choose and become involved in one activity out of several options:

* Children are encouraged to identify and label their feelings.
* Children take on pretend roles and situations in the classroom.
*Children are guided in finding multiple uses for classroom objects.

The Arts
* Children are given time to dance to music of various cultures.
* Children are encouraged to use their imaginations in drawing shapes, letters, and other symbols.kindergarden
*Children retell stories they have heard and act out main events of familiar stories.

Physical Health and Development

* Children hold markers, crayons, and other objects using fine motor skills to make specific strokes or figures.
* Children are given pathways and obstacles to pedal and steer around on tricycles on the outdoor playground.
* Children are given reminders about self-help skills, such as clean-up time and hand-washing.
* Children create and are taught to follow classroom rules, with reminders.

* Teachers initiate discussions of similarities and differences.
* Children are given tasks to sort objects by size, shape or color.
* Teachers and children discuss time concepts such as past, present, or future events.
* Children use comparative words to describe number, size, shape, weight, and color.

* Children are encouraged to wonder “what will happen if” and test possibilities demonstrating cause and effect.
* Children are given time to observe and examine objects and notice details and attributes.

where to order Pregabalin online this article Please contact us today for more information.

We look forward to helping you and your children become one of our Little Stars CDC Family!